Infomation Technology

Electronics and telecommunication engineering has come to acquire importance in wake of rising digital transmission, satellite communication, data receptions, teleconnectivity, circuits, testing and maintance of telecommunication networks..

Infomation Technology

This segment of engineering develops daily services like integrated circuits, transistors and PCBs i.e. printed circuit boards which can be utilized in computers, cell phones, televisions etc. it mainly deals with electronic devices and software interfaces. Nagpur institute of technology is one of the best E &TC engineering college in Nagpur offering E&TC full-time course of four years to its students to integrates knowledge based on digital electronics and logic designs, electronic circuits, signals and systems, power electronics VLSI, computer architecture and systems.

A skilled electronics and telecommunication engineer can work in aviation and avionics, the consumer electronics, electricity generation and distribution, hospital diagnostic equipment and offshore industries too. These engineers can also work on cross functional engineering projects to utilize the fact of electronic and telecommunication engineering. The basic tasks of these engineers comprise developing the new system, devices, and circuits and to develop existing technologies. These engineers also work on improving the functionality and technology of communication devices and servers. In their job profiles setting up of networks and equipment and maintaining the systems are also included.


The department has established all laboratories related with the coming and upcoming semester, namely

  • Electronics Workshop
  • Electronics Devices & Circuits
  • Electronics Measurement
  • Digital Circuits
  • Electronics Material & Components
  • Linear Electronics Circuits
  • Power Electronics
  • Advanced Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
  • Communication Electronics Lab
  • Radar & TV
  • UHF & Microwave Engg Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Embedded System Design Lab

Beyond the Curriculum

The Studies are not just confined to the prescribed syllabus. We strive to go beyond the curriculum by exposing each student to latest technological advancements in the respective fields.

  • IIT Ambience: Subject wise Value added Course beyond the University Syllabus.
  • Seminars, workshops & trainings on latest technologies in core electronics and telecommunications.
  • Professional Training Programme on emerging areas of Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering.
  • Regular Interaction with Semiconductor & Tele Communication Industries.

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