NIT Campus

Strong Campus with all the required utilities for achieving the skillfull you.

Campus NIT

The campus of Nagpur Institute of Technology is one of the best campuses among The Best Colleges in Nagpur. It provides various facilities which are mentioned below:

Bus Facility

NIT offers trouble free and secured transport facility at the lowest rate through college and city buses to staff and students from different places of Nagpur city and places around the city such as Saoner, Katol, Narkhed etc.


The college provides best nutritious and hygienic food to all students and staff in the college canteen. The canteen has spacious and properly maintained kitchen and mess which can accommodate 30 persons at a time. Generally, the canteen runs on a contract basis after proper official formalities. The College canteen also caters in college programs like seminars, conferences and workshops.

Computer Centre

Computer Centre is the central place for Internet connectivity and campus-wide networking to cater more than120 nodes across the campus. The centre is outfitted with Web Server, E- Mail Server, Academia Server, Bandwidth Management, Security Wall and Data Servers.

Conference and Seminar Hall

NIT has a spacious and entirely equipped conference hall with 100 seating capacity where all departmental activities like National level events are conducted and NIT also has an air conditioned Seminar Hall with the seating capacity of 500 members which is fitted with enduring Auditory, Video and Outcrop System. Faculty Development Programme and lectures by external Chief Guests on various recent topics are conducted here regularly.

Counseling Center

NIT has a full-fledged counseling center to provide Psychological Counseling, guidance and tests for gauging IQ, Aptitude, Personality and Interests.


Nagpur Institute of Technology provides one of the best hostel facilities amongst Top Colleges in Nagpur which helps students to adjust and settle properly in secure, convenient and gregarious place to reside and study. Residence halls in the hostel have a well-appointed network security staffs that provide 24 hours assistance for the safety of students

Internet and Wi-Fi Facility

College is having a10 Mbps Internet connection which is connected to Wi-Fi to provide internet and intranet admittance to all students and staff for an instructional purpose to gain equivalence with colleges internationally. A well-equipped internet lab is also available here to provide study materials, daily circulars, e-books for helping students in preparing project work and seminar presentations.


Central Library of NIT provides a high level of support to the tutoring and erudition programs by offering ample assortment of resources to students and college staff. They have skilled librarians and computer technicians; which ensure that students are given immense assistance and support to achieve valuable practice from this knowledge and resource centre.

Medical Facility

Electrical engineering refers to electrical machinery, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, electrical controls in factories, problems of generation, motors and their control and transforms.

Sport Facility

Nagpur Institute of Technology had established its Department of Sports and Physical education to promote preeminent facilities of sports for its Stakeholders and is also responsible for the development of infrastructure and increased involvement in sports. Students at NIT have repeatedly shown the merit growth & quality results in sports and games organized by R.T.M Nagpur University.


As we know workshop is the spine of any technical institution to guide the students with various expertise. To accomplish this NIT has one of the best well designed and ventilated workshops amongst Top Engineering Colleges in Nagpur which contains modern tools and machines like shaper, precision lathes, drilling and milling machines etc. skilled and qualified operators groom skills of the students by taking all essential safety measures within and outer the workshop premises.

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