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Ranks amongs the top engineering college in Maharashtra

Nagpur institute of Technology

Nagpur Institute of Technology is one of the leading education group in Maharashtra


Nagpur Institute of technology i.e. NIT is a brand name in Central India for conveying Quality Education that gathers International Standards. Nagpur institute of technology is one of the rapid budding technological institutes of elevated status in the region and is one of the Top Engineering colleges in Nagpur. This institute is very well known for its farsighted management, full-fledged and marked guidance, superior enthusiastic faculty, and state of art infrastructure, towering academic principles, stringent academic restraint, outstanding co-curricular and extracurricular bustles and much endowed scholars. Nagpur Institute of Technology places exceptional and unique prominence interrelated to the expansion of the students such as all round persona progress, option of international revelation at UG and PG echelon, temperament and proficiency edifice, industrial training and industrial projects. Nagpur Institute of technology is established in 2008 and is a self-financed institution affiliated to RTM Nagpur University and approved by AICTE i.e. All Indian Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai.


Nagpur institute of technology campus is extended over extensive 26 acres of abundant foliage offering the ideal atmosphere for detection of academic superiority. The grandiose edifices of engineering, management and polytechnic are premeditated with an enthusiastic eye for facet , submitting the excellent education environment which comprises large, spacious , economically designed classrooms, library with latest books and journals , a seminar hall , state of art IT centre and an aesthetically intended cafeteria , sports field , workshop, staff room and much more.



To be acknowledged as one of the leading institute amongst the other premier institutes imparting quality education in engineering. Nagpur Institute of Technology is committed to provide world class engineers with superior knowledge and humanity.

To be recognized as among the leading institution imparting quality engineering education; to produce world class professionals who possess knowledge, skills and necessary values that help them to take challenges at a global level


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Nagpur Institute of Technology

To impart quality technical education which is in line with the latest globalrequirements and to augment the holistic development ofthe students.

Dr. Prashant Kadu, former I.I.I. cell in-charge and NSS Program Officer, He is PhD holder with specialization in Mechanical Engineering. He was honored with the degree in the year 2016. He has done his masters in the year 2002 with the specialization in Design of Machine and Mechanisms. He was awarded his Bachelor’s degree in the year 1997 in Mechanical Engineering. With further hunger of knowledge and zeal to leave a mark behind, he did his Bachelor’s in Arts in 2004 in political science and was awarded Gold Medal in 2007 for his Masters in Arts with specialization in Gandhian Thoughts.

He has an overall teaching experience of 19 years and 7 months. He is a well-experienced administrator with loads of experience in his account such as former Senate Member, RTMNU from 2005-2010, BOS Member, RTMNU, 2010-2015, former member of “Yuva Dhoran Samiti”, RTMNU, 2015-16, member of curriculum development for National Fire Services College, Nagpur, member of curriculum development committee for DTE, Government of Maharashtra, TPO, Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur, 2013-15 and laboratory In-charge, 2000-16.

Dr. Prashant Kadu has a wide research experience under AICTE-RPS for duration of 4 years and 3 months, with National Fire Service College for 6 years and with Sai Agro Industries for 3 years. Adding to his wide knowledge, his practical approach has added another feather to his cap in the form of his industrial experience in form of sponsored projects at Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. and Sai Agro-Industries for 2 years and 3 years respectively.

Dr. Prashant Kadu has continued his legacy of gaining and giving knowledge in form of guidance to UG and PG scholars. He has guided 26 UG projects and 12 PG projects till date. He has a total 44 publications including International and National journals. He has also worked as an editor for National and International conferences.

Dr. Prashant Kadu believes in innovations. He has contributed in teaching learning process by introducing innovative ways like formation of study circle groups; conceptual model based teaching, TechADDA- an informal interaction with industry and R&D experts and a centre for creativity and Innovations through project based learning.

With his expert lectures in various national and international conferences, he has contributed in the field of Mechanical Engineering and guided various researchers and scholars through his motivational lectures on technical topics at different places of Vidarbha. He has also worked as a session chair during various conferences. Dr. Prashant Kadu has also proved himself as an efficient organizer by organizing workshops at national and international level with various organizations. He has also organized STTP and FDP on different topics.

Dr. Prashant Kadu has been active in AICTE/NBA/NAAC/CII/DTE/RTMNU Works whether it is data uploading for various schemes for DTE and AICTE or RTMNU affiliations, LEC committee work or accreditation work for NBA and NAAC and accreditation process for different industries like TCS, L&T, CII. He also holds various memberships of professional bodies like Life member- ISTE; Indian Society for Bio-Mechanics, Member of SAEINDIA, AMM and CCI and Advisor- nominated on advisory board of various small scale industries and professional disorganization.

International and Industrial associations

The Nagpur Institute of Technology is internationally renowned as Institutional member of the below given national and international associations:

  • The Computer science Teachers Association i.e. CSTA, USA
  • Association for Computing machinery i.e. ACM, USA through CSTA
  • Indian society for Technical Education
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineers i.e. IEEE, USA
  • MIT=-BOTS Systems Pvt Ltd an IIT Delhi Alumni Initiative
  • Tata Consultancy Services limited i.e. TCS
  • Service Net India Pvt Limited

Nagpur Institute of technology is one of the best colleges in Nagpur and has placed prominence on the nurturing of strapping interactions with industry and endorsement of numerous industrial actions by the faculty members and students to exert a pull on the numerous industries and institutes and is unbolt to acknowledge their implications to fulfill industry demands. The teaching staff acquires in touch to the most up-to-date practices leading them to bring in concert practice with customary conjectural teaching techniques and to work on numerous two-way programs. This has an immense comportment on the engineering curriculum, disclosure to the industrial environment to engineering students and successive placement of youthful graduating engineers in industries across the country. To maintain with mounting academics orientation activities of industries and even further prominently to catalyze the further expansion and progress of interaction between the Institute and industry, the institute is obtaining many means of interaction.


Dr. Prashant Kadu is the principal of Nagpur Institute of Technology and he is a very well experienced administrator with tons of understanding and knowledge. He believes in innovation and consistently working to make Nagpur institute of technology one of the top Engineering colleges in Nagpur. The college is a hub of expert teaching staff, which works to assist students for their bright future. Mr. Anil Deshmukh is the President at Nagpur Institute of Technology and believes in creating a unique balance between student's successful careers and steady life and wants this college to be one of the top colleges in Nagpur. Mr. Salil Deshmukh is in the post of secretary in Nagpur Institute of Technology and believes in the fact that professionalism can be acquired by the way of learning experience and interactive exposures.

Statistics and Facts

As per the statistics students by Nagpur institute of Technology has been successfully placed in many leading companies in prior years as in 2016 approximately ten students had been placed, out of which one student had been placed in Asahi India Glass Ltd, two students in Bharat Forge Ltd, three students in Interactive design and in many more leading companies.

Campus Area

With all the aminities and facilities, a campus delivering the best educational campus. Workshop, Cafetaria, Lawn, Central Labrary and much more.

Sport activites

We belive in delivering health education with priority to Sports and Sports curicular Activity with various sports events.

Conference Hall

Luxurious Conference hall delivering solution to upgrade your skills and educational values with all the required aminities.

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