• Entry is permitted with ID card only

• Users are required to deposit their belongings and register their name on their kept at the property counter.

• Books borrowed from the circulation unit are not mutually transferable among the students.

• The documents borrowed from reference section are only meant for site consultation and normally not issued.

• In case of doubtful conditions the staff of the library can examine the belonging of the users in the presences of librarian.

• The books which are lost by the borrower need to be reported and replaced with recent editions of the same.

• Mobile phones should be on “switch off” mode in the library premises.

• All readers are required to maintain discipline and silence in the library.

• If any user is found misusing/ mutilating / stealing/ cutting pages from a book, disciplinary action will be initiated against him/ her, besides withdrawing the library facilities.

• No student from any other institute is allowed. However they are permitted in exceptional cases with written permission from the Principal NIT.

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